Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

Located in Miami Florida, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart was founded in 1961 as an all girls Catholic School. The school utilizes the house built by Pittsburg Steel Tycoon, John Bindley and architect Richard Kiehnel in 1918 known as El Jardin. El Jardin has undergone extensive repairs, upgrades, and renovations over the past 10 years, all within the guidlines of the national trust. Additional building have been erected on the land now in possesion of the School of the Sacred Heart and have been carefully positioned and designed to honor El Jardins rich history and architecture.

Works perfomed by Andy Compton for this job included -


  • Cleaning Systems Development for Interior and Exterior Finishes

  • Historic Color Discovery

  • Christ the teacher Sculpture

  • Historic and Modern Seal - Manufacture and Installation

  • Cast Stone and Stucco Repair

  • Lime Paint

  • Millwork Reproduction

  • Plaster Repairs

  • Inpainting of Decorative Artwork

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