Historic Restoration and Conservation



Compton Studios specializes in restoration and conservation of decorative ornament. Our priority is in conserving the original materials as well as the historic integrity of the artwork. We repair damaged substrate materials in both interior and exterior spaces, such as wood, plaster, stucco, and cast stone. Both traditional materials and modern materials are used and each repair is custom designed to have the little or no impact on the surrounding historic materials.



Using conservation systems and materials we are able to stabilize delaminating flat plaster and reinforce existing lath. Areas of missing or unsalvageable plaster are repaired using materials similar to the original materials by matching sand, plaster, and fiber ratios comparable to the existing, historical plaster ratios.


Ornamental plaster elements can easily be replicated or repaired, either by molding and casting, or simply repairing in situ. Custom ornament or replication of lost ornamentation is possible by carving ornament based on architectural designs, photographic evidence or architectural remnants. A mold is then made of the carving so it may be quickly reproduced.


Compton studios can clean, isolate and consolidate original finishes using ph neutral cleaners, and UV stable varnishes and consolidants. This is followed by filling and carefully inpainting areas where paint is missing so that the old and new materials blend seamlessly. This is all done in reversible materials in consideration of future conservation efforts.

Restoration of original schemes is also possible using colors based on technical and scientific analysis or old photographs of original period decoration.


Compton Studios also specializes in the conservation, restoration and reproduction of exterior cast stone and stucco elements. Cast Stone may be repaired or even reproduced by making mold of the original or from clay models. Both Cast stone and stucco plasters are repaired and preserved using specially prepared lime putties and sacrificial coatings, protecting the integrity of the original decoration.